[HỌC BỔNG] Higher Education for ASEAN Talent (HEAT) scholarship program

Thứ tư - 12/01/2022 20:50
The Korean Ministry of Education (KMOE) and Korean Council for University Education (KCUE) have launched a scholarship program for ASEAN faculty members: Higher Education for ASEAN Talents (HEAT) . HEAT scholarship program aims to invite faculty members from ASEAN higher education institutions to support their acquisition of a doctoral degree in Korea with the aim to enhance their expertise and promote people-to-people exchanges between Korea and ASEAN. 
Applicant Requirement:
+ Applicants with ASEAN citizenship.
+ Applicants who are academic faculty members at 4-year college/university in their home country.
+ Applicants whose highest educational attainment is a master’s degree or its equivalent.
+ Applicants who are in good health both physically and mentally to allow them to pursue their studies.
+ Applicants who have discussed an academic leave of absence with the university they belong to and how to contribute to their school after their return.
+ Applicants who are younger than 45 years old on the day that the doctoral program starts.
+ Applicants who have a sufficient level of proficiency in Korean or English.
+ Applicants who meet each university’s additional requirements.

+ Roundrip travel (one time only): Round-trip economy class flight ticket
+ Monthly allowance: 1,100 USD per month
+ Relocation (settlement) allowance (one time only): 300 USD upon arrival
+ Tuition: All admission and tuition fee is waived by the host institution
+ Dissertation Printing Costs: 400-600 USD, depending on the actual cost
+ Language Training Costs and Medical Insurance: the amount of coverage or benefits will vary depending on each university
+ Other Costs: Various incidental allowances depending on each university 
+ All grants will be paid in KRW and the amount may vary depending on the exchange rate

Required documents:
+ Form 1. Permission for Study Leave
+ Form 2. Applicant Agreement
+ Form 3. Personal Medical Assessment
+ Original Certificate of Bachelor's and Master's Degree and each transcript
+ Certificate of Employment
+ Applicant's Proof of Citizenship Documents

Place of submission: University Admissions office:
Applicants are to submit applications by airmail or online to one of the six designated universities directly.
University Deadline of Submission
Chung-Ang University 2022. 4. 8.
Ewha Womans University 2022. 3. 18.
Jeonbuk National University 2022. 3. 14. ~ 3. 25.
Kangwon National University 2022. 3. 2. ~ 3. 11.
Korea University 2022. 3. 7 ~ 3. 25.
Kyung Hee University 2022. 3. 18.
More information is available on the official website www.heatscholar.kr and in the documents attached. 

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