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Thông tin tuyển dụng vị trí trợ lý PTN của công ty ATOTECH

Hiện tại công ty ATOTECH, Việt Nam đang cần tuyể nam nhân viên làm trợ lý PTN với các yêu cầu và mô tả công việc như sau:
-  Daily Analytical and Material science testing of product samples using XRAY, 
AAS, HPLC, etc
-  Lab control, analysis and reporting.
-  Implement and study new equipment fo r lab investment.\
-  Cooperate with Lab supervisor to implement quality management for Lab.
-  To maintain good 5 S and HESQ in Lab.
-  Communicate with technical support engineers to serve customers well.
-  Any other duties commensurate with the position.
-  Gender: Male
-  Graduated in Analytical Chemistry or Chemical field.
-  Self-motivated, independent and proactive.
-  Fluency in Vietnamese and English.
-  Computer skills.
-  Committed with integrity and initiative.
-  Salary: Competitive
-  Very attractive salaries that commensurate with work experience.
-  Professional work environment & career advancement opportunities
-  Annual leave, insurances will be following to Vietnam Law and as company’s 
If you are interested in the above vacancy, please email your resume and letter of application (in 
English) with recent (within 2 months) photograph to with the subject  HCM Lab Assistant
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